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Unsung Equestrian Heroes

preventive horse care CEquestrian events and games come up all the time and apart from all the fun and social advantages, there are so much that go into the event for it to be a success. The culture of the horse riding community has also only being preserved because of contributions of real selfless acts and a determination to ensure that the equine world continues to make tangible progress and continues the impact it has on both the old and the young alike.

Some of the major people that have made these great contributions are both the paramedics and surgeons in the equine community who strive to ensure that they keep making progress in field of equine medicine. This also involves carrying our prompt responses to accident and fatal injury victims. In events and games we understand that just one fatal incident can change the course of the event and turn it into a mourning and regret-filled convention rather than a celebratory time. But with much advancement of preventive riders care and preventive horse care plus swift actions taken, many riders and horses alike have being put back in the action. This is irrespective of what accidents that they might have faced previously. We proudly present these unsung heroes you never hear about.

offering life saving treatment DMike Crockford has been offering life saving treatment to both horse riders and the horse in case of any injury. He offers services at Hickstead in Sussex. He started his own company, the Event Medic Services in 2004. The firm has about 50 paramedics, doctors, nurses and ambulance technicians to offer health services to horses and their riders. He worked for the NHS Sussex Ambulance Service for 17 years before starting his own company. Crockford is a registered paramedic with the Health & Care Professions Council. Mike provides critical services to the general public and the competitors visiting the international equestrian events at his company.

Dr Jason Andrews has been a companion animal veterinarian for about 18 years. He owns the Adelaide Hills Veterinary Services where he specializes in caring for horses. He offers services like horse reproduction, de-sexing, vaccination, annual health checkups and minor surgical procedures. He is a member of the New Zealand College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Dr Jason Andrews YDr Simon Curtis FWCF is a New-market farrier who has been in the practice since 1972. He has demonstrated and lectured farrier in 30 countries on six continents. He is a member of the Worshipful Company of Farriers by examination. He published two text books about farrier and has appeared in several journals. Simon lectures at the Cambridge University Veterinary School and The British Racing School.

Dr, Carrie Schlachter, VMD is an unsung equestrian hero. She has 12 years of clinical experience in equine sports medicine and rehabilitation and more than 30 years in horse experience. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. She has pursued several educational opportunities in rehabilitation and all facets of equine diagnostics. She partners with Circle Oak Equine Rehabilitation where they specialize on the whole horse and aims to determine the root cause of each condition.

Dr Nicole Rombach is an experienced Equinology Master and Equine Body Worker since 1999. She graduated at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University with a PhD from the Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences. She specializes on the structural source of equine neck pain by checking the equine behavior, neuromotor and pathology controls. She started the Equinenergy Ltd. and the United Kingdom-based educational institutions that offer canine and equine healthcare services.

Or John Mayberry is a surgeon who has being an amazing contributor to the equine world. Having seen many injured riders and horses alike. His outstanding researches including works that bothers on preventive measures and precautions to take before riding, checklist for event horses and other researches that have developed pre-informed patterns and development on likely injuries and expected incidents in the equine world and how to combat them. These researches have indeed caused outstanding progress.

In the Equine world, accidents and injuries might not happen frequently but do happen, and when they do, can be fatal. It is only with the help of a responsive and progressive paramedic and medical professionals that we can have a peace of mind while we enjoy the company and functions of our dear horses.