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Everything you need to know about Horse racing and Horse themed games

Horse racing is one of the most vintage and one of the prestigious sport that has gained more popularity each day. The sport has always been associated with class from the ancient kingdoms with the nickname "the sport of kings" arising from this, to the huge chunks of money required to own them. The sport popularity has crossed overtime to the digital world whereby there has been a vast evolution of online horse themed games where people are gambling to win monetary advantages through their interest in the sport. You might be wondering how the sport is beneficial to you and how are people placing winning bets and getting rich through such an impressive sport they so enjoy. I will guide you through reasons why the sport is popular, and why people are getting into online slot games and other similar avenues- one would understand how to get those alternative advantages. Otherwise who wouldn't like to get that extra cash on a horse themed slot simply through the comfort of your own home?

Horse racing VNow just a little bit of interesting info about the live sport itself. Live horse racing events have pulled together masses of crowds over time. One particular statistic in the USA whereas a whopping $9.14 billion was spent from all the horse bets placed by 56,194,565 people through 9 separate Derby’s in the year 1989 alone!

Why is there a thrill that comes from live horse racing- you might ask? I will tell you. Firstly, the event is entertaining in itself. It’s all about fun where you can socialize with other people, carry your pet, learn more about the horses and the different breeds that are showcased. Is that not good enough a reason to experience it for yourself? Secondly, it’s also a thrilling adrenaline rush when you pick the horse of your choosing- ending up in a tight neck and neck position, and then scooping-up the 1st place award! Then again there is that one horse that won't go away- that’s hot on the tail of your winning horse for less than two priceless minutes that are enjoyable up until the end.

Then there are the destination cities that offer the nicest racetracks and amenities that go with them. Imagine visiting the likes of Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles and all those other cities of your choice where you get to mingle with all the local celebs who also share the same passion of equestrian sport. How priceless is that? With the popularity that is gained each day from horse racing as a sport, keeping in mind that Horse Racing in the USA ranks #2 in wagered sporting events! What stands out is the fact that big social activities where you can win some bucks, not just in little amounts but big chunks! It has led to rise of the online horse gambling games and horse themed slots that provide the demand for even more horse themed wagering games to suit a driving wave of new horse racing fans.

Gambling on the ponies does need some expertise that can help you further in developing your sense of which horse will eventually win. How about that? But as you can expect in every kind of sport where betting is involved, there is the winner and loser -and you may fall on the losing side, so it's always advisable that the one risk with money is that you can afford to lose. Firstly, familiarize yourself with the rules of the game before placing your money. You can learn from tutorials, internet how-to instructions, or online journals written about horse racing. The next step is, you may want to learn about the horses themselves. Their form, their readiness, their health and even past records. The racing program itself will give necessary information on all the competitors, the racetrack, the odds placed with the predictions all give past records and give you the chance to participate and make an estimate of the outcome with those records. Its the best to view the race in person, but with the convenience of the digital world, right thru your home pc due to being in a remote location, or just the comfort of your own home gives you the opportunity catch the event live when it happens. After that check the schedule and pick the best of that racing class group that fits your risk. Don’t be misled by odds placed or be influence by those placing huge money on a whim to a so-called tip. When you head to the cashier to post your bet- it also needs to include: your chosen team, cash you’ll be risking and the type of bet you want- which may include show, wager, trifecta, win, superfecta, quinella, and place. Lastly, ask for your receipt which serves as leverage when you win since all those stats prove your wagers.

Aside from the actual races there are alternatives that were inspired by the popularity of the theme. One of the best game styles available fall into the category of online slot games. You can actually play for free in most cases with games such as: Sure Win a slot by Microgaming set in a way symbols are represented in a cartoon-like format but representing the best graphics and flexibility in bet size ranging from 5 reels and 25 paylines. It also boasts itself about providing huge jackpots and cash prizes, but to do that you need to sign up to that online casino to bet real money on these game. There is also the title: Champions of the Track -that get to offer 5-reels and 30 payliners depending on the size of your bet. It features the best graphics and offer that online market two standout elements that include the Career Bonus and free spins and outcome of winning cash. Lastly you can check out: A Day at the Derby whereby which offers big rewards and special bonus rounds. Free spins are among one of the top bonus prizes that combines up to 3X multipliers and gives room for greater wins and returns. How awesome is that?

There you have it, despite loving the sport you can make good money and returns out of horse racing. However the transition from live races to online horse themed slot games has made the sport more popular making it one of the most prestigious side-attractions of live racing.