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Do you like heavy horses?

Just in case you like heavy horses, you are not alone. I love them too; they function in agriculture, sports, tourism and other recreational activities. Heavy horses which are also called draft or draught horses have being around since the middle ages. These horses where especially bred to be very stocky and heavy such that they can be used to drag heavy loads and materials. Before the industrial age, that brought about the use of machines and fuel, these animals where used to build railways, they were used in large agriculture. These heavy horses are used to drag and haul logs of wood from logging and carry equipments that are used in different farm cultivation practices. As machines came to stay so did the use of heavy horse dwindles, but did not completely go away.

Heavy horse DOne of the amazing things that keep them in our system no matter how advanced and engineered the world my get, is the companionship they bring to us even as they are used for various functions. Today the heavy horses are becoming popular and they are used for quite a number of functions. As mentioned earlier, heavy horses where formerly used for agriculture and they have also been slowly adapted again into various farms both in America and in Europe. Using horses to pull your farm equipments for building ridges, weeding; harvesting is far cheaper than using industrial machines such as tractors, since the cost of maintenance includes only grass and hay for them to do work unlike buying fuel for tractors. They also contribute in the production of rich manure as fertilizer for the farm, where this manure can also be sold for cash. Some farmers who dislike the air pollution caused by machines, say that they enjoy seeing and having the heavy horses help to do the work in the farm, even if they may be seen as archaic. The farmers also attest to the fact that, these heavy horses also provide companionship in farm while they work together; this which they can't find in machines.

In some parts of Europe, these heavy horses are also used in breeding. They are used to crossbreed other horses. Horses that are normally used for racing are preferably crossbred with the heavy horses. A lot of other recreational Activities, have being spurn in recent times. These activities give these horses even more importance and popularity in our community today. For instance you have the horse pulling competition, which is being bothered by animal cruelty rules, organize where horses are made to drag loads while in a race to see who can get to a particular destination first. Other recreational activities involves the use of heavy horse to pull wagons, this can be seen in some wedding, festivals, carnivals and parades. These animals have been adopted to be as a form of a preservative of history, that gives people in our generation an idea of how beautiful and majestic it is to use the horse pulled wagon on the streets. There are also some cities that reserve this for tourist that might be traveling very short distances in an area in that city. They are also used as a recreational vehicle to take people on a tour as they savor the beauty of different places in their city.

The Heavy horse with its heavy frame, patience and feathery legs remains a great companion to man and man's work. This is why we have continually discovered ways to see them in our day to day living and appreciate their contribution to building our modern history as we have it today.